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Well they say every dog has his day - In this case Box's
Andy's Tale:


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< (left image) This is Andy the Kabako Box, at the age of three months he was constantly picked on and bullied by his step-sister mary-anne (jewelry box) Becasue his race was 'Kabako' which rhymes with 'Tobacco'. Sick of this on-going torment Andy set for the open road. Suffering through poverty and unemployment Andy came to a decision that the only way to escape this discrimination.... was.... death....
2 Years later he was found lying in a tash-can by a local merchant who studied Box's and happened to know that Andy was worth quite a bit. "The atmosphere was sickening" Andy quoted as he was the next item up for auction lukily that day one of our NSPCB volunteers was on hand to lend a helping hand to Andy, he has now fully recovered and is currently looking for a new home to start a-freash.

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